It`s a smart, simple and very effective way

how to keep your conversation private.

Generates a type of noise so any hidden mikes or bugs

can't hear your voice. The Jammer is a nifty device for

keeping conversations confidential. It is essentially

a special noises generator that makes it extremely

difficult for someone using a microphone or audio bug

to hear a person speaking. The only sound

the eavesdropper will hear is random noise.

Keep your conversations private

The Jammer



“My name is Karel Nowak, I’m a lawyer and last year I’ve spent 6 month in custody. Entire reason for my arrest was unfortunate conversation with my colleague. Our conversation was eavesdropped and misused.

Because I wanted to avoid the mistake that I had made, I was thinking about how to eliminate the risk that someone eavesdrops my conversations.

I started to be interested in that and I got the idea to use a smartphone. First, I have it where ever I go and moreover, there are thousands of perfectly working applications, so why not create some intelligent eavesdrop jammer. Although I’m a layman, I know what I need and that it’s just a question of technology.

I started to work together with iCartel company and today we present the first functioning eavesdrop jammer.

I suggest you download it, you never know when you will need it.

Do not make the mistake I did and be smarter!